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The Gathering

Over the weekend Active Judo Coaches took the opportunity to learn from one of the worlds finest judoka of his generation, Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki 8th Dan.

David and James spent the full weekend at the Judoscotland Coaching Seminar "The Gathering". Both were fully immersed in their learning experience and were captivated by Kashiwazaki's coaching for the duration of the event. The brothers also engaged with over 120 coaches from across the country, practicing and sharing their own ideas, while participating in both technical and randori sessions.

The Gathering is an annual event event run by Judoscotland bringing the highest calibre of coaches to our doorstep. With past coaches like Hideotoshi Nakanishi, Kosei Inoue, Ilias Iliadis, Tomoko Fukumi, and now Kashiwazaki, it will be great to see who Judoscotland will introduce for next years gathering.

Active Judo will defintely be attending!

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