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Glasgow 2014

Congratulations to James Millar on his fantastic Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Bronze Medal!!!

After James’s late selection for TeamScotland’s Judo Squad he had little time to prepare but he was obviously never out of shape and had kept himself in fighting condition ‘just in case’.

James fought through some incredibly tough opposition on his way to the Bronze Medal final, losing only to the eventual winner of the tournament Colin Oates from England.

James and Colin have fought each other countless times over the years and train together on a daily basis as they are both based in JudoScotland’s National Training Centre in EICA:Ratho, just outside Edinburgh. Having trained together for so long these two experienced judoka know each others tactics and tokiwaza (favourite techniques) inside out, so this was always going to be a tough fight which could have went either way but this time it went to Colin who we would also like to congratulate on his Gold Medal.

James knew he had to be on top form following this fight and had to collect his thoughts and prepare himself mentally for one of the toughest fights of his career. As those that were there to watch could testify, it was obvious that James went into his Bronze Medal final ready to give everything he had to win. The fight was intense and dynamic and James was almost thrown for a couple of scores keeping the crowd literally on the edge of their seats.

But when the time came James finished the fight in spectacular style throwing Punza of Zambia for Ippon in the last 30 seconds to give the crowd what they wanted. The roar through the stadium was the loudest of the tournament, possibly equaled only be James himself celebrating his win.

Congratulations to James on his medal and star performance and to all the other judoka competing in the Commonwealth Games. Your efforts have not only inspired the nation to experience Judo themselves but you have also made history by being the single most successful sport in the history of the Commonwealth games for TeamScotland. This achievement will never be forgotten, congratulations to all our medal winners and Commonwealth Champions of the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

We look forward to seeing James in the club showing us all his medal and we wish him all the best in his retirement from competition

Well Done James!!

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