Q:     What should you expect?

A:     Children:- Judo is a full contact sport, but there is no striking or violence of any kind condoned whilst on the mat. There are no bullies at Judo! The fun sessions include an array of skill based games designed to increase the participants all-round gymnastic ability and fitness. Once warmed up, we work on specific Judo techniques and drill the kids in different scenarios, preparing them for our free sparring known as Randori.

A:    Parents:- When you arrive at an Active Judo class, you are welcome to stay and watch as your child takes part. We will do our best to make them feel as comfortable and confident as possible, as they catch up on the basics and join in the class at the same stage as the others. All Active Judo club children are taught by UKCC Qualified/ JudoScotland Accredited/PVG checked coaches.